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Gaming Night #13

A quick rundown of what went on at Gaming Night #13 at Farmers Union in Exeter this week including prototype play testing, alien pest control, camel racing and bean farming.


Camden Hells

The second beer from my Honest Brew taster box, I’ve tried Camden Hells Lager before, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have another. Far from it, this is one of my favourite lagers.


Honest Brew Taster Box

It seems you can get a subscription for just about anything now. Whether it be organic vegetables or razor blades (I admit to having a subscription to a razor one!) you can get almost...


Doom, Doners and Dice

While Megan convalesces at home following a bit of a traumatic week, Andy and Darren popped round for tea and games… a semi-regular occurrence, though lately not as common as I’d like! I have...


Ten Months of Kickstarter

So, it’s been an age since I updated this blog about Kickstarter projects. The last time I posted in this category I had just backed The Dash. Since then I’ve backed another 13 projects…...

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Game Night #10

I am finally going to start writing up our game nights as blog posts and as I have forgotten the keys to my office this morning (meaning I am sat on the stairs waiting...


A gaming rampage

My fourth wedding anniversary was celebrated in style, with Megan getting me two new boardgames for my collection. See what I make of King of Tokyo and Rampage!

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Hopes Dashed

This past week has seen two of the Kickstarter projects I backed successfully fund. Manifest, which I posted about a week or so ago, went past its modest target of $27,000NZD (about £14,000) with...


Rock Solid Race 2014

For the second year myself and some friends took on Rock Solid Race at Escot Park, a 10km obstacle run. Last year was pretty miserable, weather wise. It was also the first time Rock...